Terrific Sunday - Indie band from Poznan, Poland founded in March 2013.

Despite being active for only two years, Terrific Sunday have performed at numerous prestigious and renowned festivals, including Open’er Festival, Jarocin Festival, Behind the Trees and Seven Festival. The musicians have already played alongside noted and acclaimed Polish artists such as: Artur Rojek, Hey and Muchy. Furthermore, the band performed in the legendary Polish Radio 3 studio after winning the Skoda Auto Muzyka music contest.

Terrific Sunday’s music is inspired by a diverse range of their experiences, love, hate, life, culture and everything in between. This has already resulted in two self-recorded and released EPs (Terrific Sunday EP and Tonight EP) which were produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s frontman Piotr Kolodynski himself. These critically acclaimed mini-albums have established Terrific Sunday as one of the most promising indie artists in Poland.

Signing with Sony Music Poland was the first major step in the four-piece’s professional career. “Strangers, Lovers” was released in October 9th 2015. Marcin Bors - one of the most talented (and totally overbooked)  Polish producers is responsible for sound of the band's debut album.


Band members:

Piotr Kolodynski – vocals, guitar

Stefan Czerwinski – bass, guitar

Maks Mikulski – guitar

Artur Choloniewski - drums


Management: ARTGRUPA,   tel. 22 617 05 55, +48 505 634 132, [email protected]
International Inquiries (Sony Music Poland): [email protected]